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Specify a change of font family, color and/or size.<br> This element can be used anywhere within a body element, except inside a multicell element.

Attribute Values

color set the color of the font, using a 6 digit hexadecimal number.
face set the family of the font [XXX: This needs more details.]
size set the font size.


default size. <font size=%200>This is twice as big.</font>
<font size=8pt>This is 8pt. <font size=4cm>This is a 4cm-tall font.
</font>This is a 8pt font again.</font>
<font face=Courier>This is courier<font face=Arial>
This is arial</font> courier again</font>
<font color="#ff0000">red, </font>
<font color="#00ff00">green, </font>
<font color="#0000ff">blue.</font>

See also: b, u, i